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    Date: Wed, 15 Feb 89 00:08 CST
    From: ARTHUR@GUINEVERE.tamu.edu (Arthur Keen)

    I am looking for an implimentation of walking/sliding menus similar
    to that found on the Sun Tools, in the Xerox 1108 Lisp machine, and
    in KEE.  The kind of functionality that I am looking for is the
    ability to expand options in a dw:menu-choose type block into
    progressively more specific options by sliding the mouse blip
    character to the right of the choice.  On the Xerox and in KEE, menu
    picks that have a ">" on the right of the field to indicate this.

This is pretty easy to implement.  Define a :mouse-exit method for your
menu (say, momentary-menu) which figures out which item you were next

I would suggest that you extend the syntax of menu-items to take a brace
of additional items (one for each side!).