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Re: [not about] gc-by-area and host uptimes

Just a private thanks for the extensive argument(s) you have been
putting on the net about performance/hardware features/trafe-offs. I
dont think the guy got what you were saying, or didnt care to, but other
users must judge that for themselves. Your reply was reasoned,
comprhensive, and 1responsive0, and all that is important. I think this
kind of communication is increasingly important, as the competition
grows and people think 20 MIPS is the gold at the end of the rainbow.

(As an aside, I seem to remember articles by Moon or Weinreb or someone,
maybe even yourself, on some of these points. Although some text must
appear on the net, else it seems like a snooty and academic "go look at
the literature, you philistine", a reference to more detailed arguments
would not go amiss, either.)

Thanks again.