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Ugly Rumours

    Date: Thu, 16 Feb 89 09:51 CST
    From: vaughan@MCC.COM (Paul Vaughan)

    Speaking of standard hardware, is there currently any plan
    to port Genera to a Unix box?

	    Also, while we're on rumors, does anyone know the status and plans
    for Symbolics CLOS?  Is it possible that Symbolics will be doing an X
    Windows version of Genera?

No, but AT&T has contracted Symbolics to re-write uucp and sendmail.

Unfortunately, the contract is in jeapardy because Sun is trying to buy
Symbolics.  It appears that the plan is that Sun will buy Symbolics,
then issue a press release the same day announcing that Dynamic Windows
has become "a de-facto industry standard for Unix" under Sun's tutelage.