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Symbolics vs stock hardware

    Date: Fri, 17 Feb 89 11:16 CST
    From: ai.gooch@MCC.COM (William D. Gooch)

	No one has mentioned color so far.  I'm not an expert, but our people
	are quite happy with the color systems on the 36xx.  Their impression
	of doing the same things on a SUN is that it will be quite hard.
	(However, the future of color on the Ivory-based machines is unclear
	and that is a significant concern to us.)

    We've heard very encouraging news from Symbolics recently about Ivory
    (both XL400 and MacIvory) color options.  It's clear Symbolics intends
    to maintain and increase their advantage in this area.

As a member of the Ivory Program Team (representing Customer Service), I
know that color on the LX400 is a high priority (right behind two major
bug-fixes and completion of Beta test).  Although I don't have the
schedules at hand and don't know planned release dates, I do know that
Symbolics Graphics Division is working now on conversion of color
programs to Ivory for the MacIvory.  VMEBus color graphics hardware is
being qualified for XL400s and porting of graphics software will begin
as soon as board qualification is done.