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Symbolics vs stock hardware

I love the Lisp Machine environment.  I detest Unix.  Nevertheless, I
cannot use my 3620 for my next project, for the admittedly arcane but
nevertheless compelling reason that that project involves the
implementation of an embedded language, and the specification of the
language to be implemented requires that function invocation be tail-
recursive in the general case, which it isn't (and as far as I know
cannot be made to be) on the 36xx.  (I also need firstclass
continuations.)  So I will be using Scheme (actually Yale's T with its
excellent compiler, Orbit) on a Sun 3 instead.

So, yes, curious as it may sound, the only thing that would make
Symbolics machines useful to me into the indefinite future would be a
high-quality Scheme implementation.  I wonder if any other customers
consider this a priority?

-- Scott