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[Will_Snow.AISNorth@Xerox.COM: Re: [Brad Miller: Re: Symbolics vs stock hardware]]

In regard to the recent comment about the D-Machine (interlisp environment)
running on SUNS:

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Date: 21 Feb 89 09:02:37 PST (Tuesday)
Subject: Re: [Brad Miller: Re: Symbolics vs stock hardware]
From: "Will_Snow.AISNorth"@Xerox.COM
In-Reply-To: koomen%cs.rochester:EDU:Xerox's message of 17 Feb 89 13:59
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In actuality, medley on the sun3 is comperable in performance to a
d-machine, while on the sun4 it is significantly faster.

If you are interested, we are in the process of producing demo tapes that
showcase the software running on suns.

--will snow
envos corp
(415) 966-6200
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