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LISPM systems on UNIX hosts.

    Date: Tue, 21 Feb 89 13:13 EST
    From: server@MEMPHIS.wif.ctt.bellcore.com (Server)

    What's the best way to use a UNIX host to store system files?  I'm sure
    i've got this to work in years past, but have forgotten what i did...

    using a translations file something like:

      :translations `(("KEE:ai3; *.*.*" "DDUCK://lispm//kee31//ai3//*")
		      ("KEE:patches; *.*.*" "DDUCK://lispm//kee31//patches//*")
		      ("KEE:patches;kee31-1; *.*.*"
		      ("KEE:window; *.*.*" "DDUCK://lispm//kee31//window//*")
		      ("KEE:**; *.*.*" "DDUCK://lispm//kee31//*"))
      :no-search-for-shadowed-physical T)

    where DDUCK is a unix host, i get the following on trying to restore a
    system.  Does one really have to have NFS, or is there a way of getting
    this to work with FTP?

There is no way to make this work over FTP since there is no reliable
way to get file creation date information over FTP.  You might have used
Chaos QFILE in the past with a unix host.  I would recommend using NFS.