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DNA versions

    Date: Wed, 22 Feb 89 15:04:28 pst
    From: ragosa%psyche%atc.boeing.com@Warbucks.AI.SRI.COM (Rich Ragosa -
	  Boeing Advanced Computing Technologies - (215) 591-4295)

    I'm confused (a common occurance, by the way)... We just recently load-
    ed the 7.2 DNA tape, and it appears that the highest version is 41.6.
    This is no higher a version than the previous DNA file set, which is
    ancient. So, I ask, what is the high version for DNA? (I know that the
    ECO patches kick it to 41.7 - is THIS the high version?).
    Regarding ECO patches - has there been any other ECO tapes released
    other than #1 for 7.2? When (roughly) will the patch for VMS 5.0 be
    released on an ECO tape? If I can't wait that long, what is the alter-
    native for getting this patch?

Maybe my other message didn't make it through.  The current released
version of DNA for 7.2 is 41.7 (includes the ECO on ECO tape #1).  We
are in the process of making another ECO tape, which will have the VMS
5.0 patch on the tape.

If you send mail to customer-reports, they will send you the VMS 5.0 patch.