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temporarily removing the mouse

    Date: Mon, 27 Feb 89 00:13:54 CST
    From: aihaug@austin.lockheed.com (Daniel A Haug)

    I have a problem with catching a picture of the mouse cursor sometimes
    during periods of extensive bitblting.  Its my software thats doing the
    blting, and sometimes if you happen to move the mouse across a region
    thats being blted at the same time, you get a snapshot of the mouse cursor.
    It was suggested to me by someone that there is a way to make the mouse
    disappear momentarily for the duration of the bitblt. ...

    Does anyone know if there is such a thing?

TV:PREPARE-SHEET, which you should call around any calls to low-level
window system routines (the high-level routines all call it themselves),
turns off all blinkers, including the mouse cursor.  However, its
current implementation depends on not allowing the Mouse process to run.
It does this by wrapping a WITHOUT-INTERRUPTS around the body, but if
anything in the body goes blocked (e.g. calls PROCESS-WAIT or SLEEP)
then this defeats the WITHOUT-INTERRUPTS and allows other processes to