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Screen dumps -> EPS

Greetings netlanders!

Several folks here have been asking about the possiblity of translating
Symbolics screen dump files into (Encapsulated) PostScript for inclusion 
(and presumably editing) in Mac-based publications.  Anybody tried this?
Had any luck?  Feel like sharing?  I'll trade you for some really nifty
code that chews up all your memory and dumps you into the cold load stream!

					-Jim Sanborn
   The MITRE Corp (MS W429)
   7525 Colshire Drive			sanborn@ai.mitre.org
   McLean, Virginia 22102-3481		(703)883-7560

Obligatory Humorous Item: having weathered its own statewide S&L crisis
  a couple of years back, the State of Maryland recently cleared the way
  for local banking institutions to begin offering the "Quayle Loan" :
  no interest, no principal, and it never matures...

Obligatory Disclaimer: The MITRE Corp is in NO WAY responsible for anything
  I may do or say that they disagree with.  However, they'll take COMPLETE
  credit for anything that, through no fault of my own, may actually be of
  some use (if such a thing should ever come to pass).