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are dynamic windows really 60X slower than old windows?!

    Date: Wed, 1 Mar 89 10:34:49 EDT
    From: cogen@xn.ll.mit.edu (David Cogen)

    smk> If you're not interested in any sort of output recording or
    smk> mouse-sensitivity, then you shouldn't be using a dynamic window.
    smk> All the time is being spent doing those two things, as you can see from
    smk> the amount of consing the two things do.

    I guess I don't really want a dynamic window. The old bit-save array is

The bit-save array only contains the current screenful.  If you want to
be able to scroll you need more, either the DW history or William
Gooch's idea of maintaining your own TV:BITMAP object and bitblt'ing to
the window.

    bm> If you use the GRAPHICS:DRAW-xxx functions instead of the obsolete :DRAW-xxx
    bm> messages...

    Are the :DRAW-xxx messages really obsolete? Aren't they still faster than the
    GRAPHICS:DRAW-xxx functions?

In most cases the two are about the same speed.  The Genera 7.2 release
notes describe the differences in extreme detail.  I don't know whether
they're officially obsolete, but they generally recommend against using