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Zmail questions and problems, the sequel

(This is a resend of a message from a week ago, with some additions.
Due to local screwups, I may not have received your replies to it.
Please respond again.)

We have finally set up Zmail to get mail via our VMS accounts. Now, I'd
like to send to places like this board, both via longhand address and by
alias. Re Item #1: Could someone should me the correct translation of,
say, BCSAIC::"SLUG.AI.SRI.COM" or some more convoluted ARPANET address?
Re Item #2: A while ago, someone sent some code to this board to prod-
uce Zmail aliases, but I have somehow lost it. Could this person re-
send that message?

Has anyone experienced problems getting mail forwarded from a VAX to a
Symbolics? Users here have told me that sometimes when they send to me
(either by sending the PSYCHE::RAGOSA (the VAX, which is forwarded to my
Symbolics, PLUTO) directly or through a distribution list), the VMS
mailer stops dead After the To: line and refuses to continue. We've
never been able to duplicate the problem under controlled conditions.

Is there any way to send a message from the Symbolics that has an
address that's palpable for the VMS mailer REPLY command? The address
that currently ends up in the To: line is something like
PLUTO::"ragosa@pluto", where PLUTO::RAGOSA is acceptable.

As usual, thanks in advance; you guys are the best customer support a
user could as for.