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Re: anyone implemented UDP broadcasts?

BBN's Cronus Distributed Operating System uses UDP
broadcasts as part of its object location protocol.  As I
recall (it's been a couple years since I originally got it
working), the Symbolics will successfully emit broadcast
packets for invocations on a host containing an Internet
address with your local network and a host part of all 0's
or all 1's (e.g. or, but not for, or :broadcast.  We also do a little
bashing of the routing data structures to get the output
packets to conform to the Internet standard of using all 1's
in the host part rather than the BSD Unix convention of
using all 0's.  The Sun etherfind program is invaluable in
debugging these sorts of things.

I hope this helps.  Let me know if you have any questions,
or if you'd like me to go digging through the code.

	Mike Dean
	(617) 873-2423