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Enable Services Bug(?)

    Date: Thu 2 Mar 89 15:47:03-PST
    From: PRICE%DWORKIN.usc.edu@oberon.usc.edu (Keith Price)

    My soultion to really strange bugs that really should not occur (loading
    basic software, reading files, etc.) is to assume that there is some
    hardware problem that only occurs in some cases.  If possible try
    a "logical" swap of the machine (run the mail server on another
    physical machine), swap boards with another machine, or report a 
    hardware problem.  (Strange bugs fixed this way include traps when
    adding big nums in the salvage program (recopy of the world did not
    do it), failures in opening files for Load System (between 1% and 50%
    failure, but always worked on retry)).  You might also try recopying
    the world, but that does not sound like it is needed(?).  Beacuse the
    retry works, it sounds like hardware.
	    Keith Price.

I might suspect hardware in this case because this happens on a machine
that has an IFU board set but I have also encountered the same error
with an MC board set in the same machine.