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Common Windows

    Date: Thu 9 Mar 89 14:24:09-EST
    From: MAYBURY@RADC-TOPS20.ARPA (Mark Maybury)

    Does anyone know about common windows?

    1) Is Common Windows a moving target or has it been standardized.  If so, 
    can one purchase an implementation of Common Windows for any machine running 
    Common Lisp (e.g. the Symbolics, TI, Macintosh, IBM-PC etc.)

    2)  How does it work?  Is it a total window system implementation, or 
    does it make calls to the resident windowing system on the machine or is 
    X-Windows involved or something else?

    3)  Will it run on unix-based machines running X-windows 
    as well as on Symbolics and TI LISPMs?  Macintoshes?  IBM PC's?

    4) Does anyone have any comment on X-windows versus Common Windows?

    Thanks in advance.


You should also enquire of ILA (International LISP Associates) about
their work on Y-Windows. It is concerned with portability of windows and
user interfaces, logically extended from what X is all about (hence its
name). There is much interest now in a "standard" of some sort, from a
context that includes what life is like developing on Symbolics. ILA
will be presenting at the SLUG-89 International Conference in June, but
if you need to know sooner you can also ask them directly. (Try

These and related issues are a major theme of the SLUG-89 conference.