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hardcopy protocol for the sun

    Date: Sat, 11 Mar 89 15:56 PST
    From: Spock@samson.cadr.dialnet.symbolics.com (Mr. Spock)

    Internet Address:   SPOCK%samson.cadr.dialnet.symbolics.com@riverside.scrc.symbolics.com
    Snail Mail Address: American Microsystems Inc. (A wholly owned
			subsidiary of Gould Inc.) CAD Research Lab. P.O.
			Box 967 Twain Harte, CA  95383
    Phone Number:       (209)586-7422

    I have a laser-printer connected to a sun which is connected to our
    ethernet.  My lispm has tcp-ip so it can communicate with the sun
    (telnet, ftp, etc.).  I would like to be able to hardcopy from my lispm
    using the sun protocol.  Anybody got a hack for that?  Thanks.

I do.  I'll send you it under separate cover, so as not to clog up other
peoples's mailboxes.