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MacIvory disk and monitor information

Many of you have asked for information about which disks and monitors
have been tested and are known to work with MacIvory.  The following is
the current list of approved vendors.  The marketing and sales people
have this information also, and should be able to help you with any

SCSI-based disks
- Jasmine DirectFile 300 SCSI 300 Mbyte disk (includes Rev 1.095 disk driver or higher)
- Storage Dimensions MacinStor External HCV Series
  (345HCV or 630HCV, which includes MacinStor Installer Version 1.1B8)
- Storage Dimensions MacinStor Internal "i" Series
  (345i or 630i, which include MacinStor Installer Version 1.1B8)
- Maxtor XT-8380S disk (see below for tested disk drivers)
- Maxtor XT-8760S disk (see below for tested disk drivers)

3rd party Disk Drivers

- Storage Dimensions MacinStor disk driver Rev 1.1B8
- Unimac StorWare disk driver Rev 1.5

NOTE: It is 1strongly0 recommended that MacIvory customers use one of the
three tested disk drivers.  Symbolics has worked closely with each of
the vendors (Jasmine, Storage Dimensions and Unimac) to improve the
quality and reliability of their software.  Symbolics-found bugs in
these 3rd party disk drivers were fixed and tested in the driver
versions listed above.

- Apple high-resolution monochrome monitor Model # M0400
- AppleColor high-resolution RGB monitor Model # M0401
- Apple Computer MacIntosh II video card (for use with either of the two
  Apple monitors listed above)
- Radius 19" two page display part number 944-0005
  - Control panel software Rev 1.1 or higher
  - Radius Mac II two page display video board Rev A or higher

- Other tested and MacIvory compatible monitor subsystems are:
  - Moniterm Viking
  - E-Machines Big Picture
  - SuperMac Spectrum/8
  - Sigma Silverview
  - Sigma Laserview
  - Sigma ColorMax

As always, if you need more information, I'm sure you won't be bashful
about asking!