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Request for help with paging.

    Date: Tue, 14 Mar 89 23:23 EST
    From: DLA@JASPER.SCRC.Symbolics.COM (David L. Andre)

	Date: Tue, 14 Mar 89 20:08:41 EST
	From: whuts!davel@att.att.com

	We have written a system which appears to have a grave difficulty with
	thrashing in the paging system.

    Have you tried using the metering interface to see what is causing the page
    faults?  Have you tried documented functions to examine areas such as ROOM and
    DESCRIBE-AREA?  You can discover things about cross-area references using
    mouse-middle and SYS:%AREA-NUMBER.

And here I was wondering whether I would ever need this tool again.
Install this translator in your environment and then hold down the Hyper
key while moving the mouse over objects of interest.  The object's area
will be displayed in the mouse documentation line.

;;; -*- Mode: LISP; Package: USER; Base: 10; Syntax: Common-lisp -*-

;;; Quick-and-dirty way to display an object's area
(define-presentation-action what-area (sys:expression t :gesture :hyper-left
					 :documentation ((obj)
							 (let* ((area-num (sys:%area-number obj))
								(area-name (when area-num
									     (sys:area-name area-num))))
							   (format nil "Area of object at #o~O is ~A"
								   (sys:%pointer obj)
  (ignore obj)