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writing tar-tapes

    Date: Wed, 15 Mar 89 09:47:32 +0100
    From: siegeert%BLEKUL60.BITNET@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU (Geert Adriaens)

    Symbolics offers a utility function for reading tar-tapes, but I don't
    know of the existence of a function to WRITE TAR-TAPES. Does anyone
    have such a function? It would be a great help for transport of files
    in the absence of a network with unix-hosts + cartridge tape drives.

I have a re-write of the Symbolics TAR tape facility which includes a
TAR tape writer.  It hasn't had extensive QA, but it seems to work for
me.  According to the recently-announced Symbolics policy regarding
code-swapping among customers, I can send it to you if I know that you
have a source license.  Of course, I'm not sure how I am supposed to
know whether or not you have a source license.  Do you?  You wouldn't
lie to me now, would you?