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Color on b&w screens

The call of 

	1(graphics:draw-rectangle 0 0 100 100 :color :black)

0on a 36xx with 2*standard-output*0 attached to a window on a b&w screen with
black-on-white mode produces a WHITE rectangle. Analogously, under the same

        1(graphics:draw-rectangle 0 0 100 100 :color :white)0 

produces a black rectangle!! I am sure that the people at Symbolics who
implemented this had a reason for doing it this way, but, in my opinion,
this design decision yields T when passed as argument to the function

(defun we-dont-want-to-see-this-feature (feature)
  (not (null (member (get feature 'quality)
	             '(not_acceptable not_consistent_with_documentation
	               mad funny unbelievable bull.... ill_defined

[In section 3Keyword Options to Drawing Functions0 of volume 7B (Programming
 the User Interface - Dictionary) of the Symbolics Documentation the following
 text appears3 0on page 450:

       4Standard Keyword Options to Drawing Functions

0       <text deleted>

       5:color6 0                                                     7Option

0           8Specifies a color to be used for output on a device that6 8supports
0           8color.6 8On devices that do not support color, a6 8gray-level pattern
0           8appropriate to the intensity of the specified6 8color is displayed
0           8instead.6 8The possible choices are: 5:black8,6 5:red8, 5:green8, 5:blue8,
0           5:cyan8, 5:yellow8, 5:magenta8, and6 5:white8.0]

- WANT to get the drawn object colored as I specified it and as one would expect
  in black-on-white mode
- don't want to specify the complement color, since my system (an object-oriented
  graphics editor) runs on a variety of Symbolics machines (all types of b&w and
  some color versions)
- don't want to make a case analysis of the machine type.

Any ideas what to do?


1. Please don't tell me to press FUNCTION-C.
2. On a XL400, it behaves just as on a 36xx.
3. It works correctly on a MacIvory with b&w screen! 

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