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ScanJet output to bitmap?

    Date: Wed, 15 Mar 89 15:52:39 EST
    From: aboulang@WILMA.BBN.COM

      Does anyone have a way to convert HP ScanJet files (in IBM PC format)
      to bitmaps suitable for display on a 3600 series machine?  We have
      the scanner and a way to get files from it to the 3650 in question,
      but don't want to reinvent any code to do the conversion

    I have a similar need except the machine is a MacII and it would nbe
    nice to find some way to read in either:

    a) TIFF

    b) MacPaint format (_PackBits)

    c) PICT

    which are supported by the HP MACII application. It would be nice to
    be able to either read these into a bitarray or some Inman-compatible file.
    (We have a MacIvory, but I would prefer some way in which  G machines can
    read this data.)

This is getting off the track of the original question, but I have code
that reads PICTs from the Clipboard into bit-arrays in Allegro CL.  If
the MacIvory gives you access to Mac Toolbox calls and heap structures,
it would be simple to adapt the code.