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lost mail recovered

>From root Fri Mar 17 14:33:56 MET 1989 remote from ethz

>From iis!cernvax!scsult.uucp.arcom.ch!csnet Tue Mar 14 08:16:20 1989 remote from ethz
Received: by cernvax.uucp (1.2/Ultrix2.0-B)
	id AA15155; Tue, 14 Mar 89 08:16:20 +0100
Date: 14 Mar 89  8:14
From: HANNU SAARENMAA <cernvax!warbucks.ai.sri.com!OPMVAX.CSC.FI!SAARENMAA>
To: warbucks.ai.sri.com!slug
Message-Id: <8903140623.AA25213@etana.funet&fi>
Subject: Screen dump file capture

>X-Vms-To: Orig_To! in%"slug@ai.sri.com", SAARENMAA

is there a way I could capture screen dumps (FUNCTION-Q etc.)
into a post-script or HP laserjet file so that I could
bring it over to another computer where the laser is
connected?  If anyone has such a piece of code, I would
appreciate receiving it very much.
Hannu Saarenmaa