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Informal Survey about Symbolics Software Services

I don't want to "answer" any of your comments except for one:

    Date: Mon, 20 Mar 89 02:45:53 EST
    From: MAEDA@AI.AI.MIT.EDU (Christopher M. Maeda)

	    My big gripe with customer service is that the guys at SCH
	    are nice but not the most accomplished hackers I've ever
	    met.  There also seems to not be much communication between 
	    the developers in scrc and the tech support guys at sch.
	    The Chatsworth people always say they will forward patches
	    to developers or that they will get in touch with developers.
	    I don't think the two groups have ever met.  Symbolics should
	    come up with some solution to this problem like make each
	    tech support person spend a few days per year on a development

Last Monday, March 13, the entire Software Support staff from Chatsworth
was here in Burlington, and spent the entire day talking to developers.
The consensus was that the day was very productive, and that we all have
a better understanding of what the other coast needs.  The management
team intends to keep the lines of communication open, and to keep the
information flowing.  We realize that one day is not enough, but it is a