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transfer from explorer to Symbolics

A friend of mine who uses an Explorer (don't laugh, this happens), created some
utilities that i would like to use. As our machines are not interconnected, he
created a carry-tape for the transfer. The density was specified in an item
strangely named "protocol". There were two possibilites: QIC-24 and 6250. As
6250 didn't work (I don't know why), we used the Qic-24.

When I tried to read that tape one one of our Symbolics, I got an error
message telling that the tape was not a carry tape. I tried to find a symbol
called QIC-24 to specify the density, but there were not, so i am unable to
read that tape.

My question is: is it possible to read on a Symbolics a carry tape created on
an explorer ? If yes, What must I do to do this ? Is there something special
to do on the Explorer in order to do this ?

Emmanuel Baechler
e-mail: baechler@elma.epfl.ch

AI Lab. / Compt science dpt.
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
MA - Ecublens
1015 Lausanne