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RE: Transfer from EXPLORER to symbolics.

	A friend of mine who uses an Explorer (don't laugh, this happens), created some
	utilities that i would like to use. As our machines are not interconnected, he
	created a carry-tape for the transfer. The density was specified in an item
	strangely named "protocol". There were two possibilites: QIC-24 and 6250. As
	6250 didn't work (I don't know why), we used the Qic-24.

According to the Explorer I/O Manual and the Help message in the
Explorer Backup Tape Window, Carry tapes written on the Explorer can be
restored on the Symbolics 3640 or 3670 and newer models, but not on the
3600 due to incompatibilities in the tape drive hardware.  Carry tapes
can be in one of three formats: QIC-11 (4 track), QIC-24, or 6250.  The
6250 format is also known as the QIC-11 9-track.  The Explorer can
restore files from tapes written in QIC-24, QIC-11, or 6250 format, but
can only backup files in the QIC-24 or 6250 format.

	When I tried to read that tape one one of our Symbolics, I got an error
	message telling that the tape was not a carry tape. I tried to find a symbol
	called QIC-24 to specify the density, but there were not, so i am unable to
	read that tape.

	My question is: is it possible to read on a Symbolics a carry tape created on
	an explorer ? If yes, What must I do to do this ? Is there something special
	to do on the Explorer in order to do this ?

I have backed up files using the Explorer and restored them on the
Symbolics using the 6250 format while under Explorer Release 4.1.  I'm
not sure if tapes produced under Explorer Release 3 are similarly
compatible.  Be sure to specify the density to be 6250.

I hope this helps.

Steve Nicoud	ARPA: <snicoud@atc.boeing.com>