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Multiple color screens

    Date: Fri, 10 Mar 89 00:36 PST
    From: Gumby@MCC.COM (David Vinayak Wallace)

    Has anyone tried having multiple color screens on one machine (i.e. more
    than one color board; I don't mean making more than one screen on the
    same piece of hardware).
[Sorry for the late answer, I was in Japan when this appeared.]

Yes.  The standard color controller comes in two versions (that take up different
parts of the LBUS address space) to allow up to two to coexist in one machine.
Also, you can mix different types of color boards (standard color + Cadbuffer)
and have at least two Cadbuffers.  I don't know if you can have more than two
Cadbuffers or if the different types (Cadbuffer I and II) can coexist.
TLM or DDyer?