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Used Symoblics hardware

    Symbolics is trying to kill off the second-hand
    market in used 36xx machines.

My initial reaction was similar to yours.  Thinking about it for a while
brought me to the conclusion that I'd rather see Symbolics save their
pennies and maintain profitability than to have them trying very hard to
keep the resale market for used 36xx machines going.  

    * Maintenance on a 3640 is about $7,000/year [you could
    think of this as one Mac II a year] versus $1,200 for

Surely you realize that it can't be cost-effective for Symbolics to
continue manufacturing the old boards.  The cost of repairing them is
bound to go up steadily (and of course, the 3640 is a particularly
high-priced example because as a product it is almost as old as the
3600 line itself.  The newer 3650, 3530 and especially the 3620 have
always been cheaper to maintain than 364x, 367x and 3600 machines.)
I for one would really hate to see Symbolics subsidize the maintenance
of old 36xx machines by charging more for Ivory-based systems.