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Software License Transferral fee is reasonable if you consider...

I'm not on my Dialnet node but this has been bugging me to see this groused
about on SLUG lately.

I worked at Symbolics for 4.5 years starting in 83 and even back then there
was a software transferal fee of $10k. Nobody ever saw it since you couldn't 
pry a used machine away from anyone. You also ended up paying $125k for a 2 
megaBYTE system running release 4.4 (you ALL remember 4.4 don't you). These
were the days of 3600s with lemo cables the size of garden hoses, turbine
cooling fans, and discrete TTL wire wrapped boards (anyone want to debug an 
IO2??). Since then the "G" machines have helped a lot (3620s and 50s) in 
maintainability and cost reduction as well as the new Ivory based generation. 
The reason that people buy Symbolics machines is so that they have acc