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Mailing lists

Date: Tue, 4 Apr 89 17:21 EDT
From: Ragosa <ragosa@PLUTO>
Subject: Mailing lists
To: "bcsaic::\"slug@ai.sri.com\""@psyche
Message-ID: <19890404212130.9.RAGOSA@PLUTO>
I'm running into problems with the mail list capability of the mailer.
It seems that the old definition of the mailing list (the first set of
names the DEFINE the mailing list) sticks around regardless of what I
try. Also, when I finally DO get a mailing list to work, it doesn't work
- I'll send to, say 10 recipients on the VAX, Select-O tells me that 10
messages went out, but only a small subset (0-5) of the recipients get
the message. All recipients are valid users on the VAX called PSYCHE (so
the addresses in the DEFINE are of the form vax_user@PSYCHE). I'd also
like to use DEFINE to set up CSNet addresses, like the one I use to mail
to this board. Is there a way to do so?