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Used Symoblics hardware

    Date: Mon, 3 Apr 89 12:44 EDT
    From: Henry at AI.AI.MIT.EDU (Henry Lieberman)
    Re:   Used Symoblics hardware

    There are many used Symbolics machines on the 
    market right now at cheap prices.  I was all set to 
    buy some.  I called a Symbolics salesman inquiring about
    upgrades and maintenance and he told me:

    * There was a "strictly enforced" $10,000 "software license 
    transfer fee" between the old owner and the new.  

    * Maintenance on a 3640 is about $7,000/year [you could
    think of this as one Mac II a year] versus $1,200 for

    making the used machine deals not attractive anymore.  

What losers!  I wanted to get a 3640 to use as a PC.  Guess
I'll just buy an MS-DOS machine.