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Express Windows

    Date: Tue, 4 Apr 89 13:36 CDT
    From: ai.gooch@mcc.com (William D. Gooch)

    Does anyone have input as to the possible implications of this?

Competition for the Y Windows product that Symbolics and ILA are working

If you mean the affect on the attractiveness of Symbolics computers,
it's harder to say.  Certainly dynamic windows and presentation-based
I/O are important parts of the Symbolics development environment, but
not the only important parts.  Lispms were the best development machines
around even before Genera 7.0, so there's obviously more to it.

In some cases, these packages make Lispms MORE attractive as development
machines.  It's very frustrating to develop applications on a Lispm and
not be able to use the Symbolics UIMS because the delivery environment
is not a Symbolics machine.  Now you can develop applications that use
the UIMS and then port them to other platforms easily.  It may make
things like MacIvory less attractive in some cases, although there's
still performance to consider.

It will be interesting to see what the performance of these portable
window systems will be like.