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Re: Software License Transferral fee is reasonable if you consider... [Was: Used Symoblics hardware]

I saw the original complaint on SLUG and forwarded it to our
Sales-Marketing Group, knowing that it would help stir something up.

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    Date: Wed, 5 Apr 89 11:33 EDT
    From: Mike Maione <Maione@PEGASUS.SCRC.Symbolics.COM>
    Subject: [Henry@AI.AI.MIT.EDU: Used Symoblics hardware]
    Could you please ensure that my reply is distributed to the appropriate
    lists?  Thanks.
    I would like to clarify Symbolic's policy regarding software licensing:
    First of all, Symbolics owns its software and never sells it. We license
    the right to use, copy, or transfer it to customers when they buy our
    hardware. We DO strictly protect and enforce this for many reasons but
    mainly because if we do not protect these very valuable assets,
    they could fall into the public domain.
    You should find this to be an industry standard.
    This is the official license transfer policy: 
    Symbolics Right-to-Use License Transfer is a one-time fee charged for
    the transfer of software license rights on a designated CPU. Either the
    selling or buying party may be a commercial or academic account. The
    prices are as follows:
    Selling Party:     Buying Party:     Fee($):     
    Commercial         Commercial        10,000
    Commercial         Academic          10,000*
    Academic           Commercial        10,000
    Academic           Academic          1,500*
    * Fee is waived if a one year hardware maintenance contract is purchased
    concurrent with the transfer of the CPU.
    Other Notes:  Academic institutions receive a 40% discount on hardware
    I hope this answers the questions concerning our policy. If there are
    any other questions or comments, please no not hesitate to contact me.
    Mike Maione
    Northeast Regional Sales Manager

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Mike can be reached at our Symbolics Corporate Research Center in
Burlington, MA at 1-617-221-1000.