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Printing Through tcp-ip.

Sorry if i shouldn't use this media for the question
i would like to ask.

Is there a way (i.e a service tripple that i should use) in 
order to be able to print from a symbolics-3670 on a printer
which is connected to a unix machine using tcp-ip, without
defining a new protocol as unix-rexec for example ? I couldn't
find something appropriate in the manuals. (If i should have some
kind of a patch or a program that define a new protocol which
can be then used in the namespace, can i have it?).

By the way, i tried also to connect an LA50 printer directly
to my symbolics (using EIA1 port), but i got 'rabbish' printed
(as if the baud or parity aren't correct), i'm sure the settings
of my printer are appropraite (4800, 8 bits, no parity) with the
settings i made in the printer namespace.
I know it worked in genera 7.1 ... 
did anyone have a similar problem ?

P.S: i use Genera 7.2

Thanks in advance for any help,