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I#<890406-92366>: Confirmation of Confirmation of [ Bug in Graph formatting functions]

I have assigned Symbolics' response to my bug report incident 
number I#<890460 890406-92366-92366-890406-92366 890406-92366-92366-890406-92366>.
Since Symbolics requests that I use their number, I'm sure they
will sympathize with the need for numbering and cheerfully agree to 
use my number as well.

This message has been generated by hand to confirm the silliness
of sending out these messages.  In order to be able to
address the most critical situations expediently, in future messages please 
indicate the urgency of your response to my bug report on a 6-level scale of
importance -- 

(0) Critical: (No further progress is expected in fixing the bug.)
(1) Important: (Work can proceed. However, it will be a pain.)
(2) Informational: (Request for information or explanation is obfuscated.)
(3) Bug-report (No immediate response is ever expected for bug reports, right?).
(4) Misfeature Request: (Immediate response would shock the hell out of me).
(5) This is information for Henry Lieberman, in case he sees this happen with
other vendors and it forms a pattern (Every vendor who tries this silly
numbering scheme will get this kind of response from me).

This will help me to prioritize the messages that I receive, and quicken the 
useless automatic response to messages that should be read and understood
by human beings.