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Printing Through tcp-ip.

    Date: Thu, 06 Apr 89 08:34:37 O
    From: johny%sel.technion.ac.il@relay.cs.net (Johny Srouji)

    Is there a way (i.e a service tripple that i should use) in 
    order to be able to print from a symbolics-3670 on a printer
    which is connected to a unix machine using tcp-ip, without
    defining a new protocol as unix-rexec for example ? I couldn't
    find something appropriate in the manuals. (If i should have some
    kind of a patch or a program that define a new protocol which
    can be then used in the namespace, can i have it?).

I'll send you a file that makes it so your lisp machine can print on a unix by
using the UNIX lpd printing protocol.