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Mail addressing...

    Date: Fri, 7 Apr 89 16:44 EDT
    From: mkr@philabs.philips.com

    My Symbolics sends its mail to the outside world through the
    same machine all the time, that is, when I address mail to people,
    it always has "@machine323" on the end.  Is there a way I can have
    the LispM route through this machine automatically??

If you set the variable ZWEI:*MAIL-NETWORK-HOST* to a host object then
all mail will be sent through this host.

    What do all the prefixes mean for x-Machine. (Such as I-Machine,
    G-Machine, etc..)??

I = Ivory
G = Gate-array
L = LSI ?
A = ? (LM-2 was the A-Machine)