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    Date: Mon, 10 Apr 89 15:57:04 CDT
    From: aihaug@austin.lockheed.com (Daniel A Haug)

    I am having to port some of Intellicorp's Common Windows modules to 7.2,
    since they have yet to decide if they are going to sell these sources,
    as they did for 7.1.  So, in the process of doing so, the following
    problem arose:

    No SETF form for TV:MOUSE-SPEED

    Is there a replacement for this?

It doesn't look like there is.  In 7.1 the mouse software constantly
maintained the current speed of the mouse in a special or instance
variable.  TV:MOUSE-SPEED would return this value, and (SETF
TV:MOUSE-SPEED) would set it (of course, it would be reset as soon as
you moved the mouse).  In 7.2 it simply computes it when you call
TV:MOUSE-SPEED, and doesn't save the value anywhere.  In both releases,
the value is computed from MOUSE-X-SPEED and MOUSE-Y-SPEED.

The only purpose of the SETF method was for the internal use of the
mouse software, when it was saving away the current speed.  It doesn't
really make sense to call it from outside the mouse software.  It's
certainly not clear to me what it means to set it, since it's a derived

If Common Windows is also setting the MOUSE-X-SPEED and MOUSE-Y-SPEED at
the same time as the MOUSE-SPEED, then you should simply delete the call
that sets the MOUSE-SPEED, since it's no longer needed.