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Routing Information Protocol

    Date: Mon, 10 Apr 89 11:52 EDT
    From: barmar@Think.COM (Barry Margolin)

    Our Unix hacker was giving me a hard time because our Lispms only use
    the antiquated ICMP Redirect mechanism for updating their IP routing
    tables, while our Unix gateways all use RIP (documented in RFC-1058).
    Until recently (when the Suns were updated to SunOS 4.0 and the Vax was
    updated to Ultrix 3.0) the gateways weren't even sending Redirects at
    all, so the Lispms all bombarded a single gateway with all non-local
    packets (there are about a half-dozen different subnets that connect to
    the Lispm subnet), and were unable to communicate with non-local hosts
    when that gateway went down.

    So, does anyone have an implementation of RIP for Genera 7.2?

I wish we did.  It has been on my list for quite awhile.  However, you
should tell your Unix hacker to read RFC 1009.  Gateways are required to
send ICMP redirects while hosts are not required to understand routing

A RIP implementation for Genera would require reworking most of the IP
routing code.