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CADR vs. LM-2

    Date: Tue, 11 Apr 89 00:41:21 PDT
    From: gyro@kestrel.arpa (Scott B. Layson)

       Date: Mon 10 Apr 89 10:34:50-PDT
       From: Wilber@Score.Stanford.EDU (Mike Wilber)

           Date: Sun, 9 Apr 89 20:44 EDT
           From: barmar@Think.COM (Barry Margolin)

               Date: Fri, 7 Apr 89 16:44 EDT
               From: mkr@philabs.philips.com


               What do all the prefixes mean for x-Machine. (Such as I-Machine,
               G-Machine, etc..)??

           I = Ivory
           G = Gate-array
           L = LSI ?
           A = ? (LM-2 was the A-Machine)

       well, i won't presume to say what they mean nowadays, but back in '85, my
       salesman told me that they had a four-generation sequence planned out, where
       the then-current generation was called the l-machine, the next generation
       would be called the i-machine, and "it didn't take a lot of cleverness to
       figure out what the next two generations would be called"...

    That's cute.  I had never heard it.  Too bad the G-machine got between
    the L and the I.

I was always under the impression that "I" stood for "integrated", that
"S" stood for "super" or "server", and that "P" stood for "parallel". From
what I remember that our sales rep told us informally back in 1983 that the
S machine was supposed to be 10X an I machine and was intended to be a shared
resource compute server. This is all hearsay anyway.