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Symbolics Marketing Backspace/Delete

    Date: Tue, 11 Apr 89 11:39 CDT
    From: Gumby at MCC.COM (David Vinayak Wallace)
    Re:   Symbolics Apocrypha

    Well, at a party I met someone who knew someone who once talked to Dave
    Moon, and he said that the sequence was supposed to be "ALGORITHM."
    However they screwed up and anyway the stock price needed to be
    bolstered quickly so the sequence is now "ALGIN."  Supposedly the
    N-machine is to be made from some sort of organic superconductor, hence
    the name.

Maybe they just made a mistake.  They meant to spell ALGORITHM, are
about to pull the i-machine off the market, release an O and R machine
in the meantime, and then re-release the i-machine to get back in