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APROC 110 on a 3630

>From TARDIS1.zir.ethz.ch!mpeter Wed Apr 12 10:14:31 MET 1989 remote from ethz

I'm currently working on a 3-d-object recognition problem and within that
I have tons of geometric transformations, vector dot products, cross 
products and 4x4 matrix multiplications. Since there is this nice APROC board
in the 3630 i'm working with, it seems to me natural to use it for the
my numeric part. 
With trying to do that I'm confronted with the following problem:

- The documentation we obtained from symbolics is *VERY* poor. We've got
  only some sort of a draft of a microproprograming handbook. It has no pagenumbers,
  no table of contents, some pages are twice in and some others seemed to be missed.

- On software examples there is only a micro coded vector addition which
  is about 3 pages of code. Also there is a diagnostic utility to test all the
  functional units of the APROC.
  I'm missing some higher level functions, like matric multiplication,
  vector dot product, vector cross product etc.

Unfortunately it turned out that symbolics's interests in the APROC is not
that high anymore.On the other side, my interests in finding out all the
important things about this peace of hardware just by trying it are
also not that high.

Question: Is there a better (a real) documentation to APROC avaible ?
          Is there some sort of a basic math package for APROC avaible ?

Thanks for any help

Martin Peter