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serial ports

    Date: Fri, 14 Apr 89 08:29:58 EDT

    Is there a way to unlock serial ports on a 3645 without rebooting
    the entire machine?


1. Select the Peek window: <SELECT> <P>

2. Select processes by clicking on "Processes" in the menu or typing "P".

3. Find the process that has the state "Serial Unit Locked".

4. Click the mouse on that process' name for a menu and select "Debugger" from
   the menu by clicking on it. 

5. In the debugger window, the third proceed option is "Close and abort serial
   port" or "disable and detach serial port".  Type the command key for this
   choice (usually <SUPER>-<C>). 

The port should be unlocked and resume normal operation.  There may be errors to
clean up that caused the lock in the first place.  You should type <FUNCTION>
<0> <S> to have the system pop up error reports that need attention.

    Also, is there a patch for the print spooler to stop it from leaving
    open files?

This is a known print spooler bug and a patch will be generated to fix it.