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Killing File Control Connections.

   Date: Sat, 15 Apr 89 17:00 CDT
   From: gadbois@sygmund.cgs.utexas.edu (David Gadbois)

   This is getting off the subject a bit, but:  I set
   FS:*REMEMBER-PASSWORDS* to t (wrapped in a LOGIN-FORMS) in my lispm-init
   file, mainly because I often deal with file connections to Unix boxes
   that want passwords a lot.  I had assumed that the remembered password
   goes away when the file connection goes away, and that if I was
   concerned about leaving them around, I could always manually close the
   connection or do a :Reset Network to clobber them all.  Is this a safe
   assumption, or are the passwords cached somewhere other than in the file
   connection?  I'm mainly concerned about a novice or careless user
   accidentally messing up files rather than any malicious acts.

The passwords are stored in the file access path objects (the
structures displayed in the Peek File System screen).  These stick
around even after the network connection is closed.  Yes, resetting
the access path will clear out the information.

If you're only worried about accidents, and not about true security,
then your precautions are sufficient.