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2nd Notice: International SLUG Meeting in June

Friends: Plans continue in earnest for our Fifth Annual
International Meeting of the Symbolics LISP Users' Group at MIT
(you should have seen our first announcement here earlier this
year). Tutorials will be held Monday and Tuesday, June 12th and
13th (topics still being decided --- please let me know your
needs). The body of the conference itself will be Wednesday
through Friday, 14th through 16th (Tuesday evening reception also;
meeting ending Friday in the afternoon, 3:30 PM latest). We are
soliciting session ideas around the theme, attached (please
respond to me).

The purpose of this particular message is to remind you of the
dates and themes, and to ask you to watch for our mailing. This is
being sent to all National SLUG members, as well as to those on
the Symbolics' "Symposium" mailing list. Your local sales reps
will also receive copies. If you do not receive a copy by April
28th you can contact your sales rep or Shelanski Associates (our
conference organizers, at Voice:  215-922-5757 or FAX:
215-625-9037) to request a copy.

Any other questions can be directed to me. We look forward to your

Respectfully submitted,

Paul Pangaro, President 
National Symbolics LISP Users' Group
c/o PANGARO Incorporated
800 3rd Street  NE
Washington, DC 20002   USA
Voice: 202-547-7775
FAX  : 202-547-6910

0		12 -16 June         MIT Cambridge Massachusetts

1	       "Styles and Strategies for Software Integration"

0The Fifth Annual International Conference will be another excellent
opportunity for Symbolics users to attend in-depth tutorials and a variety
of presentations by users, Symbolics management, and Symbolics
technical staff. Of course there will be ample time to mingle with other
users to share expertise, code, solutions to problems, and, of course, war
stories and many planned entertainments.
Over time Symbolics developers increasingly encounter the demand for
making their software usable in other, sometimes less-expensive and
always less-powerful environments. Hence the theme of the Conference
focuses on the available styles and strategies for making software
developed in the Symbolics Genera environment accessible in other
Symbolics' strategies for doing this include: facilitating porting (CLOE
delivery environments, standard dialects of LISP and non-LISP
languages); network accessibility (networking software, network-based
utilities like X-windows and NFS); and hardware embeddings (Macintosh-
and VME-based systems). We are also witnessing an increasing number of
third party vendors with their own, unique approaches.
Given our continuing love affair with the development tools and high
performance of the Symbolics, what strategies are there for maintaining
the high style (i.e., speed, elegance, flexibility) of development on
Symbolics, while allowing a smooth transition to run-time in other
hardware and software environments? The June conference will have a
concentration of sessions on this topic, while still covering common
issues such as site management, software support, DIALnet, 3600 Owners
Club, national and international users' groups, new products, future
directions and much more.