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Re: Porting LISP code from SYMBOLICS

  We have two symbolics, a 3675 and a 3620, on a network with several
  other machines, Including a VAX 750 and A SGI Personal Iris.  I would
  like to port code from the SYMBOLICS environment to the other machines.
  Does anyone have advice for me?  Two approaches spring to mind: either
  get LISP compilers for the other machines or get a translator to convert
  the LISP code I write into another language like C or FORTRAN.  I can
  see lots of problems with either approach.  Surely this issue has already
  been dealt with.  Thanks for the help.
How much code do you have?

How symbolics dependent is it?

How LISP dependent is it.  Ie, if you converted to C, how much of LISP
would you have to reimplement.

Can you run common lisp on the target machines?

How big is your porting buget?