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Macro-Expander Scheme -> CommonLisp

   Date: 20 Apr 89 18:38 GMT-0100
   From: beschta%lan.informatik.tu-muenchen.dbp.de@RELAY.CS.NET (Anton

   I heard some rumors about a macro-expander, which converts Scheme to
   CommonLisp. It is intended to run on our Symbolics 3640.
   If anyone has some information about it or a related piece of code,
   please send me a short note.

I imagine you are thinking of Jonathan Rees' PseudoScheme.  It is
available via anonymous FTP from Zurich.AI.MIT.EDU, pathname
/pub/jar/pseudo-2-5.tar.Z, or send mail to JAR@Zurich.AI.MIT.EDU.

-- Scott