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Pinouts wanted on console cable and mouse

We have made some of our own very long cables for the symbolics using
the wire recommended by Symbolics in the GSA price book. (Strange source
for technical info). Anyway, we get a lot of noise in the sound (it has to be
turned off to tolerate the machine). THe overall cable  (4 twisted pairs) is 
shielded, but the pairs aren't. Does nayone know the pinout to the
connector so that we can go to pairwise shielded cable and solve this 
problem? (The local service says that all machines with non-Symbolics
extension cables seem to suffer this problem.)

Trackball: I would prefer a trackball to the mouse. Does anyone know
a Symbolics compatible unit? Barring that, I have 
a cooperative source for a trackball, but I need the pinout and
interface type (RS-232?) for the mouse.


David Strip