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Re: Pinouts wanted on console cable and mouse

View of front of female Hirose cable connector:

       4       6

    3    11  12   7
      2         8
	 1   9

1. Audio XMit -
2. Audio XMit +
3. Biphase TXD -
4. Biphase TXD +
5. Biphase RXD -
6. Biphase RXD +
7. Audio Clk or RCV -
8. Audio Clk or RCV +
9. Video Signal
10. Video Ground
11. Serial Ground
12. Ground

The diagram we had showed 9 and 10 swapped from what we found them to be.

We've built a number of long cables (250') and have had some audio problems with
a few of them.  We suspect (impedence) problems in the various cables.
The signal on the audio line seems to have a high noise/signal
ratio.  If it doesn't synch up, then you really get garbage.  Sometimes power
cycling the monitor works.  Sometimes replacing a board in the monitor makes
it work better.

We also occasionally need to use a :RESET AUDIO (once defined by Symbolics but
not currently defined) to get the audio to work.

As for the mouse, the interface appears to be fairly standard.  I've got
a XEROX mouse on my Lispm and on my Atari 1040ST at home.  I know there
are trackballs that work on the Atari.  So I suspect you can build a trivial
interface.  (NOTE:  The signals on the Symbolics are opposite those on the
Xerox and the Atari.  I have an inverter for the signals between the Xerox
mouse and the Symbolics.)

Xerox mouse	Symbolics mouse		Function	Symbolics
	      15-pin connector			8-pin connector
1		8			Y(b)		2
2		7			Y(a)		1
3		5			X(a)		5
4		6			X(b)		3
6		1			+5Volts		6
11		9,10,11,12,13,14,15	ground		4
12		4			-right button	
14		2			-left button
15		3			-middle button
				      -(Right or Left) 7
				      -(Middle or Left) 8

(The use of the 8-pin connectors by Symbolics was a stroke of sheer stupidity.
If you haven't had trouble with them making good contact, you are very lucky.
Notice that using it for the mouse made us lose some cording that you could
do with the mouse.  That meant one person had to redesign an interface he
had.  Sigh...)

Don't trust this info, but instead use it as a guide.  I have a little
circuit diagram for building a convertor for using a Xerox mouse on a
Symbolics.  That works for sure.  The designations of the quadrature
may be inverted.

This information was collected by Paul Martin.  Kudos to him; errors to me.