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Music on the Symbolics Machines

    Date: Fri, 21 Apr 89 16:33 EDT
    From: grant@master.symcan.dialnet.symbolics.com (grant)

    We would like to find out if anyone out there has had any experience 
    with the Symbolics system entering, displaying and playing musical 
    scores.  The prospect would like to enter the musical notes via 
    some sort of "standard" interface (perhaps a MIDI file, if one 
    could be created, assumin there is such a thing as a file form of MIDI), 
    have the Symbolics display the full SCORE (as it might originally appear 
    on sheet music), and play the tune back, but highlighting the notes as 
    they are played, on the color screen, in order to later lay the frames 
    out on to video.

    If anyone has any suggestions, please forward information to 

    Grant Chenier
    Eclin System corp.

I have looked into this in the past and concluded that it was more worth
my while to buy a Mac and music software.  The whole package has run me
about $2500.  I don't care about color (or bouncing balls) and would
need to shell out another $100-200 for film scoring capabilities, but
I'm happily sequencing, scoring, and arranging for choir&orchestra.

There are people out there that have dabbled in music on the symbolics
machines but I think that most of these endeavors are in pre-historic OS
releases.  I even wrote a score editor myself but I never got around to
a MIDI interface.