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Date: Tue, 25 Apr 89 12:57 EDT
From: Ragosa <ragosa@PLUTO>
Subject: Problems with SYS.TRANSLATIONS
To: "bcsaic::\"slug@ai.sri.com\""@psyche
Message-ID: <19890425165755.7.RAGOSA@PLUTO>
We're having two problems with the above file:
- We'd like to have each site load this file at boot time from the site
directory, which is established in the namespace. I always assumed that
was the way things were supposed to work. Is this true? If so, is there
something I must do first before this can happen?
- We recently moved our documentation files from the VAXen file server
to the (new) 3670 for speed reasons (we also freed up 51K blocks,
which made the VAX people REALLY happy). We rerouted SYS:DOC; to point
to the new place, and everything works fine, almost. When the Document
Examiner tries to look in the SYS:DOC;PATCH; directory, it goes to the
VAX instead of the Symbolics (and dies, because we took the files off
the VAX). This path is defined; you can do a Show Directory on it and
see the files you expect to see. You can even enter this logical pathname
after selecting the "Retry using a different pathname" option in the
debugger. The DEX continues on its merry way if you do this. Any ideas
what might be happening here?
I haven't been receiving responses to my questions from you people
lately. I assume that's because of the weird address you get from my
mailer. So, please send anything to:
Thanks in advance.